In Your Room - White

LP - Signed!


180g white vinyl
Signed by Anneke!

In Your Room (2009) featured Agua de Annique taking a lighthearted and decidedly more "pop" approach to Anneke's music, much more in tune with Anneke's present day sound. Certainly nothing for the diehard goth- alternative Gathering crowd beyond her voice, but it was instantly recognizable as being Anneke van Giersbergen front and center. Many of the 12 songs on In Your Room had commercial appeal and could have easily made their way to radio. Once again, new territory for a singer long regarded as the vocal- ist for a dark and dangerous metal band.

In Your Room is particularly noteworthy in that it was recorded the same year Anneke contributed lead vocals to revered Canadian metalhead Devin Townsend's now-classic Addicted album. That collaboration set the wheels in motion for a working relationship that has since become a musical bond, as Anneke has become an integral part of Devin's writing. The duo wrote the song 'Just Fine' for In Your Room, which was no small feat given that he rarely writes with other artists.

01. Pearly
02. Hey Okay!
03. I Want
04. Wonder
05. The World
06. Sunny Side Up

01. Physical
02. Home Again
03. Wide Open
04. Longest Day
05. Just Fine
06. Adore

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